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Consistent Vision Care

A visit to your eye doctor in Millis at Rock optiX for a comprehensive eye examination allows us to monitor your eyesight for refractive errors and assist us in diagnosing eye diseases

Consistency is key! Eye exams can help your doctor detect vision problems early, sometimes before they evolve into something more severe.

Contact us to book your next eye exam and be proactive in your vision health.

Importance of Eye Exams

Eye exams are about more than determining your glasses or contact lens prescription. An eye exam can help detect the development of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. These diseases can appear as we age and lead to vision loss without proper management. 

As you age, your vision can change, so consistent eye exams are key. A consistent check-up schedule with our team can help our doctors detect these changes in your vision and act on any possible issues.

Our eye exams help our patients remain informed about their eye health and allow us to remain familiar with their unique visual needs.

Eye Exam Frequency

At Rock optiX, we know life can get busy, and eye exams may be something you forget. It’s essential to remain consistent with your eye exams, even if you don’t have immediate vision concerns.

Adult Eye Exams

Your comprehensive eye exam will consist of a series of tests to evaluate your vision and check for developing eye diseases or vision issues.

The American Optometric Association recommends the following eye exam frequency for adults and seniors is one exam every 2 years from 18 to 64 years old.

Higher-risk adults may need a customized exam schedule to fit their unique needs. Our team can help determine if you need more frequent exams to accommodate for risk factors such as: 

  • A family history of ocular disease
  • Systemic health conditions
  • Visually demanding occupations
  • Eye surgery or previous eye injuries

Vision issues can develop as you age, and the importance of consistent eye exams increases. If you’re over 65, it’s recommended that you get a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year

Your vision can change substantially as you age, and going in for an eye exam helps us detect developing issues. Some eye conditions can develop without any notice, so it’s essential to stay caught up with your eye exams.

Your Vision Care Partner

At Rock optiX, we pride ourselves on being your destination for comprehensive vision care. Consistent eye exams are vital to preserving your vision health, and we look forward to meeting you.

Contact us to book an appointment and schedule your comprehensive eye examination today.

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