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How Often Should You Get New Glasses?

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Whether you are a first-time glasses wearer or have been enjoying the benefits for a long time, it is natural to wonder when the ideal time is to get a fresh new pair of glasses. Rest assured—you are not alone. Glasses have varying lifespans depending on several factors.

You should get new glasses when your prescription changes or if the lens or frame is damaged. While an optometrist may recommend new glasses after an eye exam, you can be proactive and recognize when it is time for a new pair. Consider these questions to determine how often you need to get new glasses to keep your vision where it should be:

Is My Prescription Up-To-Date?

You may have a prescription, but what is an eyeglasses prescription? Simply put, a prescription is a written order by an optometrist or ophthalmologist stating the specific visual requirements you need for your glasses.

Your prescription includes the lens power needed to correct conditions like myopia and astigmatism, and may also include the distance between your pupils. Add this together, and you have the blueprints for your next pair of glasses. 

Your prescription will naturally change over time, and an expiry date is just an indicator that your glasses may not be as effective as they could be. By keeping your prescription up-to-date, you can continue to enjoy corrected vision and support your overall eye health, allowing you to experience life on your terms.

How Long Does a Prescription Last?

A typical eyeglasses prescription is valid for 1–2 years. However, this time frame has some wiggle room.

State laws and guidelines from professional organizations such as the American Optometric Association (AOA) can also determine how long your prescription lasts. If you are ever unsure, check with your optometrist. We can help you determine whether your prescription has expired and if you need new glasses.

To be clear, this date only refers to the last day new glasses can be made for you based on your prescription, not when you should replace them. Your glasses are not going to curdle like milk just because your prescription expires.

In the event that your prescription expires before updating your glasses, simply schedule an eye exam with your optometrist. They can provide a new prescription accurate to your current vision needs, and help you find your next favorite pair of glasses.

A prescription expiry date is not a guarantee. Your vision could change before the expiration date due to illness, injury, or simply growing older. If that happens, you may need a new prescription.

For most people, the AOA recommends getting eye exams at specific times based on your age:

  • Children 6–17: 1 exam annually
  • Adults 18–64: 1 exam every 2 years
  • Adults 65+: 1 exam annually

Do You Need New Glasses More Often if You Have an Eye Disease?

If you have an eye disease affecting your vision, such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration, staying proactive with regular check-ups can help you maintain enhanced vision and keep your glasses up-to-date. These conditions may affect your eye’s focusing power, making it important to adapt your prescription as needed.

Children with myopia, or nearsightedness, may also benefit from frequent glasses updates. Myopia is progressive but often stabilizes by the age of 20. Until then, replacing their glasses as their vision evolves supports clear and comfortable sight.

Optometrists can assist with managing myopia progression, but children may still require new glasses over time. Regular eye exams can track vision changes, while symptoms like headaches, eye strain, or blurry vision can indicate the need for an updated prescription.

Embrace these changes as opportunities to support optimal eye health for you and your child.

What If My Glasses Are Damaged?

Like any other cherished item in our lives, glasses can eventually show wear and tear. This can cause your lenses to become scratched or your frames to become a bit loose or worn. Embracing regular care and maintenance can help prolong the life of your glasses.

It can be hard to see through lenses that are more nicks than smooth plastic, and a warped frame can be uncomfortable to wear. So it is typically a good idea to get a fresh pair of glasses whenever your prescription is updated, meaning about every 2 years. This can help keep your eyewear in tip-top shape and reduce the chances of them breaking just when you need them most.

Your glasses are precisely fitted to you, and regular adjustments from your optician can ensure wear and tear on frames are not affecting your vision due to the frame being out of alignment. When your glasses show signs of damage that affect comfort or clarity, take the opportunity to visit your optometrist for an updated pair. Embrace the chance to refresh your eyewear!

A fashionable woman wearing round, stylish glasses that complement her natural features.

What If I Want to Change the Style of My Glasses?

Not every reason to get new glasses is based on your health. Your glasses are part of your style, and your style can change. Many people choose to get new frames because they want to keep up with current fashion trends or change their looks.

While this can be a valid reason to get new glasses, it is important not to let your fashion choices override your prescription needs. Your eye care team can help you choose a stylish frame that complements your face shape and meets your needs for clear vision.

Are There New Advances in Glasses Technology?

Eyeglasses are more than lenses in frames, and manufacturers are improving vision technology all the time. While not every innovation can be tailored to your needs, popular options like progressive lenses, blue light blocking coatings, and transition lenses have enhanced the eyewear experience for many glasses wearers. 

If you are still using an outdated pair of glasses, consider consulting your optometrist to explore potential upgrades for your lenses or frames suited for your unique lifestyle.

Finding Your Next Favorite Glasses

How often you should get new glasses is a personal choice based on your lifestyle and individual needs. Prioritizing regular eye exams and staying attuned to changes in your vision can guide you in making the optimal decisions for your eye health.

At Rock optiX, we offer a wide selection of high-quality frames and lenses that celebrate your uniqueness and fit your distinct vision needs. Everyone deserves exceptional eyewear that you only need to replace when it genuinely benefits you. 

When you are ready to embrace a new, vibrant pair of glasses, book an eye exam, and together, we can discover your style and vision, aiming to keep you looking and seeing your best.

Written by Dr. Teresa Hrach

Dr. Teresa D. Hrach is an experienced optometrist located in Millis, Massachusetts. She is your neighborhood optometrist who truly cares about your medical needs.

Dr. Hrach was accepted early to optometry school and got her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Optometry degree from New England College of Optometry. She worked part-time in eye care services until she opened her own optometry practice in 2004. She has board certification as an optometric physician to diagnose, manage, and treat various eye conditions and diseases.

Dr. Hrach has a focus in eye care services that deal with contact lenses and dry eye syndrome. Her main priority is to provide outstanding eye care to her patients. She is passionate about health and nutrition and wants to help her optometry patients see better every day.

If you’re searching for an optometric physician with expert services and a warm, personal touch, come see Dr. Hrach.

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