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Presbyopia Treatment

Presbyopia is a vision condition that causes the gradual loss of your eye’s ability to focus on nearby objects and often becomes noticeable as you age. 

At Rock optiX, our eye doctor in Millis offer comprehensive eye exams to confirm presbyopia and correct the condition with prescription glasses or contact lenses. 

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Signs of Presbyopia

Presbyopia can become more apparent as you age and worsen until age 65. Presbyopia can make basic activities such as reading books and newspapers more difficult.

Common signs and symptoms of presbyopia may include: 

  • Blurred vision at typical reading distances
  • Eyestrain or headaches after close-up work
  • Holding reading materials farther away to make the letters clearer

Presbyopia occurs from the loss of flexibility and elasticity in the natural lens of your eyes.

With age, your lens can lose flexibility and begin to stiffen. This process makes your natural lens unable to change shape and results in more stress on your eyes to focus on close text or images. This lens hardening results in your eye slowly losing its ability to focus light directly onto the retina

At Rock optiX, we use comprehensive eye exams to confirm presbyopia and prepare a treatment plan for your visual needs.

Presbyopia Control at Rock optiX

At Rock optiX, we strive to help you navigate and manage presbyopia by providing control solutions to clear up your vision.

We offer eye drops, glasses, and contact lenses for presbyopia.

Vuity Prescription Eye Drops

Vuity prescription eye drops are the first and only FDA-approved eye drops to treat presbyopia in adults.

Vuity eye drops work by reducing your pupil size to help you up close. One drop in each eye daily helps improve near vision for patients with presbyopia. Contact us for more information and see if Vuity eye drops are a good option for you.

There is no cure for presbyopia—however, management options such as glasses and contact lenses can help you focus better. Multifocal and bifocal glasses are an excellent option to help manage presbyopia. 

Bifocals are lenses with a visible horizontal line separating your distance prescription and your reading prescription.

Progressive multifocal lenses have no visible lines and instead use multiple powers within the lens for distance, middle, and close-up corrections. Different areas of the lens feature different focusing strengths.

Our team can determine your unique prescription through a . Your prescription can allow us to prepare custom lenses and contact lenses for your visual needs.

Enjoying Clear Vision

At Rock optiX, we want our patients to experience clear, crisp vision at all ages. We offer presbyopia control solutions in the form of Vuity eye drops and prescription glasses and contact lenses. 

Contact us to book your comprehensive eye exam and enjoy clear vision once again!

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