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When to Wear Blue Light Glasses

A young woman wearing a pair of blue light glasses while using her phone in a dimly lit room.

Today, people can spend many hours a day on digital devices, from smartphones to laptops and televisions. While technological advancements can make our lives more comfortable and convenient, they also have a downside. Electronic screens emit blue light, short-wavelength visible light that can disrupt our circadian rhythm. Digital screens can also cause digital eye strain. […]

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How Long is an Eyeglass Prescription Good For?

A smiling woman in a blue shirt is being fitted with black-framed glasses

It should come as no surprise that having the right prescription for eyeglasses is crucial for optimal vision. However, your eyes are constantly changing, and prescriptions don’t last forever.  An eyeglass prescription is generally good for 1–2 years. Once this date has passed, you can’t use it to buy any new glasses or replacement lenses. […]

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